Mad Designer at work in the dark

CryptoIPTV is now joining IPTVGTA.NET

To better serve our customers and to streamline the ordering process (aka - automate as much as possible) we have decided to join forces with IPTVGTA.NET

By redirecting you (our clients) over to the other site, you will be able to place orders and have them activated 24-hours a day, and can control your account through the Self Serve options.

All customers will still be able to remain anonymous, with nothing more than an email needed to place an order.

We've also added addition cryptocurrencies for more payment options!

When placing your first order, please make sure to let the IPTVGTA team know in the comments section that you are a previous customer, so they can make sure to extend your services properly and minimize any downtime that traditionally could have been possible when switching services.

All domain names and portal URL's will continue to work as per normal, it's just the ordering system that is changing.

Thanks so much for your continued support all these years!